#InsideMecapan: The Cultivator of Creativity - Life of Graphic Designer

By: Wicaksono Gitawan

#InsideMecapan is a series of articles that focuses on the life of our employees. For our first edition, we take a look at our graphic designer Rizky Nur Hudyana and how he conduct his business daily.

Olive green parka jacket, bell-bottom pants, and white shoes, Rizky (or Kiki) radiates the spirit of youth and creativity everywhere he walks. Kiki is a Graphic Designer that curates the design and visual that is needed by Mecapan. He is responsible for the visual content visible in our applications, website, social media, and operational materials. The joker of the bunch, Kiki walked into the meeting room with confidence, ready for our interview.

Read on to find out more about Kiki, the man that always let his creative juice flows.

Big smile from the creative man

Wicak: Hi Kiki! Can you tell us about your relationship with Mecapan?

Kiki: Okay, I’ve been on board with Mecapan for 11 months now. I’m a graphic designer inside the Creative and Design team, which is under the Marketing Division here.

W: What are the essential items that you need for work everyday?

K: The essential things that I need for my work is laptop and pen tab, without these two things I obviously can’t work (laughs). I also bring my notebook to keep tabs on the things that I need to do and list down any ideas I have.

W: Where did you get your sources of inspiration everyday?

K: I got my inspiration from every little things I see everyday. I usually go to the office using Transjakarta, and the trip itself sometimes gave me inspiration for what I want to create that day. Other than that, I usually got my inspiration by browsing social media website such as instagram and design portofolio websites such as behance and pinterest.

Some of the designs created by Kiki for Mecapan’s social media content

W: What impact does a graphic designer brought into a company?

K: Overall, the designs that are created by a graphic designer is very important in helping a company excels. For example, in Mecapan, pretty much all divisions at some point will need designs that are created by the team. The visual aspects that we present to our customers and beauty providers are very important, because, its part of our branding. So I can say that being a graphic designer comes with big responsibilities (laughs)

Doing business as usual

W: A man with big responsibilities (laughs), what about the impact you brought to the Beauty Providers of Mecapan?

K: The level of responsibilities are the same. We graphic designers at Mecapan also provide creative assistants to our Beauty Providers. We want to help them get the best things for their business. We provide them with visual and content assisants so that they can post eye pleasing content on their social media. We also have a photoshoot session every 3 months where we curate contents for them too.

W: That’s really great, how’s the life is at Mecapan? Can you give us a little scope about the whole team?

K: Life is great at Mecapan, the team are lovely. We usually help each other with many things and we’re always learning from one another because in a startup like Mecapan, there are many things that you can learn while working.

W: From your answer, I can say that you have gained many skills here in Mecapan, can you tell us a bit more about that?

K: Working in a team has definitely increased my teamwork skills. I feel that i can manage my team better and find solutions fast when under pressure.

W: How many people are in the Creative and Design team at Mecapan?

K: The team consisted of me and Ayesca, she is our graphic design intern here.

W: Last question, can you share the most memorable memories you have while working in Mecapan?

K: There is one particular memory that I can’t forget, that is when Mecapan is doing the roadshow to introduce the application to the public. At the time, Mecapan was still at its growing stage, but I was amazed by the enthusiasm shown by the public.

Why did i chose the roadshow as one of the most memorable memory here? Because, as a graphic designer, it was the first time ever that I was chosen to be a Liason Officer at an event. Being a Liason Officer comes with many responsibilities, and the experience has increased my skills on that field.

We thank Kiki for the wonderful conversation, stay tuned for the next #InsideMecapan next week because we will be having a discussion with the ladies of the marketing team in Mecapan.

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